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Welcome to Biofeedback Therapies

Biofeedback Therapies servicing the Austin – Round Rock - Georgetown metropolitan area offers Biofeedback, Neurofeedback and Psychotherapy services. Our treatment approach is integrative in that we often combine psychotherapy with biofeedback to address physiological awareness. One is then able to begin changing and controlling specific behavioral and emotional stress patterns, as well as physical effects of stress. We also address neurological abnormalities in children and adults with attention deficit issues as well as other neurologically based conditions.

Our Mission is to assist you along your journey towards emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing. We strive to individualize our treatment approach to meet the needs of our clients.


A good way to understand the term “biofeedback” is to think of it as ‘biological information’, ( Bio-biological and Feedback-information). The body has the burden of regulating its own functions such as heartrate, temperature, pain threshold, muscle tension and even how we pay attention. Normally this happens without much conscious awareness.
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Neurotherapy also known as “Electroencephalic (EEG) Biofeedback or Neurofeedback” is similar to other biofeedback modalities. Neurofeedback training can help modulate levels of arousal in the brain. Helping the brain achieve balance (not too over- aroused or too under-aroused) can in turn help with a range of disorders like ADD, anxiety, depression.
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